Frequently Asked Questions

Who is FoneLight?

FoneLight is an international indoor and outdoor lighting brand that produces and exports all across the globe. 

Which country do you manufacture in?

Our products are manufactured in Izmir, Turkey.

What product categories do you have products for?

We offer various products in the following categories:

  • Garden Lighting,
  • Landscape Lighting,
  • Wall Lighting,
  • Pathway Lighting,
  • Wall Lighting,
  • Fence Lighting,
  • Area | Site Lighting,
  • Street | Road Lighting.

What core features do your lighting products have?

All of our products are IP 65 protection class, and they are supported by stainless materials. In addition, our product has an aluminum body.

How do you ship products from Turkey?

Our products are sent to you as soon as possible and free of charge in accordance with the insurance of international shipping companies with which we have an agreement.

What happens if the products delivered turn out to be defective?

Solving problems is quite easy with FoneLight. You can basically return the products in 30 days. 

What payment methods are accepted to buy your products?

You can buy products with MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Troy branded credit cards.

Is my credit card info protected safely?

Your credit card information is protected at a high level and your international personal data is stored in accordance with the law.

Can I buy your products wholesale?

Yes, you can buy our products wholesale. If you are interested in wholesale, visit fonelight.com or contact us on [email protected] 

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